So firstly, I forgot to post this before, so I’m going to do it now, before I forget to do it tomorrow!

I have posted a few things around the web about one of the servers VOXEL are creating, and I said that I would release more info about it yesterday evening (but I forgot). The main reason that I didn’t want to post too much info about the new server is because that this is going to be an incredibly big project for both me and our team.

Being young engineering students; one thing we do best is plan. And that is unfortunately the best way to succeed in a project, so after some long, hard revision on the web at technical and boring regulations, me and Josh (Rolo) decided to star the server and see what we could create.

Now… at this point neither of us had seen the movie, I hate reading. Unfortunately  this was the one book that Josh didn’t read. So we had to base our ideas on what we heard of the Hunger Games, and how we wanted it too look. In the end, we created a small area where the players would begin there “epic quest”. Here’s a little snap shot of what we got done in little under one day! 😉


If you have seen the hunger games, or read the book, then you may know a bit about the layout you can see above. The idea is, is that we have districts. Not twelve, but 10. The reason for this is that A. we decided ten and not twelve, and B; because we made it with 10 and like I said before, we didn’t know much about it, however this may be changed in the future. Although, we considered the idea of having 12 squares (or districts) which will contain 10 of the small cages you can see on the picture above.


Above is one of the the cages that we came up with. It is extremely simple but that sometimes is for the better as if we design complicated lift systems that lift the player up into the playing field, then they could brake and take ages to fix meaning that the game has to be halted. All ten of the cages link together using the alloywire featured in tekkit, which then lead back to the center tower in the middle at the back which is where the game can be started and stopped  Currently there is no timer, or count-down, just a switch however hopefully in the future, we can figure something cool out to start the game.

Before the game begins, the player will either be teleported to there individual cage or will be put in the cage, then the fence (just about visible at the bottom of the cage) will be hired meaning that the player cannot get out early. Then all the players will be release simultaneously meaning the game is fair. We had a couple of issues getting all the cages to open at the same time due to the length of the alloywire. The way we overcame this issue (for anyone that may have similar issues and may want to know how to fix it) we used redstone repeaters and red dust. If you dot the repeaters about every few blocks, the current is continued further.

Some of the detailing that we did on the walls of the castle include tree branches  bushes, flowers, long grass etc. Below, is some pictures of the detailing I did for the walls of the castle walls.

ImageThat is all from me tonight! Please comment and post to help me out!:) Also, if your interested in helping out or just have some ideas you can send them to me at:

Thank you and good night!

Much love! ❤


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